Los Angeles, California Summer Day Camp for Boys and Girls

How Much Time Do The Kids Spend in the Sun?

Keiki Campers do so more at beach camp than just spend their time in the water and sun! We provide tents, canopies and umbrellas on the beach for maximum shade and comfort, and campers are encouraged to drink lots of water all day long to avoid dehydration. In general, each day is divided up into 3 "water sessions" and 2 or 3 "sand sessions." Each period lasts approximately 40 minutes. If the kids are in the water one session, the next session is spend on the sand playing organized beach games. Then they can go back in the water with our staff. Then they may come out and and have lunch or do an arts and craft project under our tents and canopies. We try to rotate the activities each day so if the kids are doing something really active, they move to a quieter activity afterward. Here's a daily activity schedule so you can see what takes place everyday.