Los Angeles, California Summer Day Camp for Boys and Girls

Duck-duck-goose is a fun game we play at summer camp! In fact there's many ways we play, as this video shows the "Backward Duck Duck Goose" game on the sand which the kids absolutely love.

Surf Camp Picture of the Day

Sometimes when we've got a free minute or two, we spend time scanning our computers looking for cool photos to share with you. Here's one of 7-year old camper Max W. surfing at summer camp last year. And if your child wants to learn to surf, we can teach them, too, no experience necessary! :)


So sorry to say, there's a 90% chance of rain predicted for this coming Sunday, May 6, so we need to cancel the open house we've had schedule forever! Drats! 

Anyway, the new (rescheduled) date is Sunday, March 23, 2014. Hopefully we'll be done with the rainy season by then. But if you don't want to wait that long, please let us know and we'll be happy to schedule a private site tour with you of our campsite locations at your convenience. Just leave a comment to let us know, or email us any time at info@alohabeachcamp.com.


Ocean Activities and Beach Games, Too

When you think of summer camp at the beach, you probably think of ocean swimming predominately and all the things that go along with it like surfing or boogie boarding. Well, campers certainly enjoy those types of activities at Aloha Beach Camp's Keiki Camp program at Paradise Cove. However, campers participate in just as many fun activities on the sand. One of the more popular games is the Seaweed Beach Maze. Kids and counselors collect lots of seaweed from the beach, then the staff sets up a maze the kids can walk through -- pretty cool!

Do We Need to Send Lunch?

In general, campers bring their own lunch to Keiki Camp. But Paradise Cove also has one of the coolest take-out restaurant stands in Los Angeles with lots of delicious kids meals like hot dogs and chicken fingers. The take-out stand is located right on the beach, adjacent to where we set up camp, so if you want to send money our counselors will gladly order food from the restaurant for your child.

Aloha Beach Camp provides drinks and an afternoon snack every day. Also, from time-to-time, we will give you a heads-up that we're providing lunch (such as pizza) on a given day, so you don't need to send your own.