Los Angeles, California Summer Day Camp for Boys and Girls

2017 Daily Activity Calendar Available Now

We've just finished planning Keiki Camp's Master Daily Activity Schedule for summer camp 2017. Check out all the fun things you'll get to do at camp each day. 

Colorful infographic of Aloha Beach Camp's master daily activity schedule for its Keiki Camp summer day camp program at Paradise Cove, Malibu

And remember, you can register your child for camp day-by-day whenever you want. That means you can pick as many or as few days that appeal to you, and only sign up for those days. We don't have any prearranged enrollment sessions at Keiki Camp, so you're free to create your own camp schedule. Pick one day, two days, 20 days, or pick them all. Whatever works best for your family's busy schedule is perfectly fine with us!

Beautiful Picture of our Paradise Cove Campsite

We are so lucky to have Paradise Cove as one of our program sites. Aloha Beach Camp's Keiki Camp takes place at Paradise Cove on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday all summer (most Wednesdays we're at Zuma Beach where campers enjoy surfing lessons by our staff.

Aloha Beach Camp's canopies on the Paradise Cove Beach sand right next to the Paraise Cove Pier

If you are looking for a day camp for your preschool age child this summer, we hope you'll consider Keiki Camp. Paradise Cove, Malibu is the ideal place for a beach camp for younger kids!
Duck-duck-goose is a fun game we play at summer camp! In fact there's many ways we play, as this video shows the "Backward Duck Duck Goose" game on the sand which the kids absolutely love.

Surf Camp Picture of the Day

Sometimes when we've got a free minute or two, we spend time scanning our computers looking for cool photos to share with you. Here's one of 7-year old camper Max W. surfing at summer camp last year. And if your child wants to learn to surf, we can teach them, too, no experience necessary! :)


So sorry to say, there's a 90% chance of rain predicted for this coming Sunday, May 6, so we need to cancel the open house we've had schedule forever! Drats! 

Anyway, the new (rescheduled) date is Sunday, March 23, 2014. Hopefully we'll be done with the rainy season by then. But if you don't want to wait that long, please let us know and we'll be happy to schedule a private site tour with you of our campsite locations at your convenience. Just leave a comment to let us know, or email us any time at info@alohabeachcamp.com.